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Sample Collection for Ridges, Slopes, and Depressions

1. Study the landscape carefully and map-out the various prominent features with numbers.

2. Take 5 soil core samples from each of these areas and place them in separate bags.

3. Label each bag and use the numbering system you have established so that you can

mark these on your map.


These results will inform you of the biological conditions in each of the individual areas being


For any single sample, please ensure that you do not fill the bag more than half-way with material. (Note: to reduce the amount of sample material, you may combine and thoroughly mix the sample material separately, in a sterile container, and then place a smaller amount of the mixture in the sandwich bag).

Seal the bag with the air left inside it – do not expel the air from the bag, as this will limit the

oxygen available to the biology in the sample which may result in anaerobic conditions being


Label: All sample bags should be labeled with the name, area, date, and time on the *outside* using a

permanent marker or an affixed label. Please do not put any identifying information about your

sample on a piece of paper and place it inside the bag. The paper will disintegrate, become food

for microbes, and potentially change the biology of your sample.

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