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Microbial Inoculation


The natural tendency of an ecosystem is to heal from a disturbance event and progress toward the climax successional stage specific to a region. This process can take decades or even centuries on its own. The earlier the successional stage a particular plant can be found growing in naturally, the more dependent it is on bacterial partnerships. Plants that are found in later successional stages tend to have more fungal partnerships. Most landscapes and farm fields are stuck in the early successional stage due to our management practices. When we try to grow plants that have evolved to partner with fungi in these environments, plant health suffers.


Growing Wise offers applications of specifically formulated compost,* as well as liquid extracts and teas derived from it, to introduce the microbes that are happy to do the work we need done: directing the fungi to bacteria ratio to the target range for our crops and/or plant communities all the while building soil structure necessary for long term health. Additionally, the aerobic thermophilic process of composting neutralizes pathogens and weed seeds. These amendments are lab tested throughout the creation process and right before application to ensure the desired microbes are present. Applications are applied when the circumstances are favorable for survival of the microbes.  Compost can be directly applied to inoculate smaller areas, especially beneficial when organic matter (food and habitat for microbes) is low. It is more cost effective to use compost extracts, which is water with microbes in it extracted from compost, to inoculate greater acreage. Compost teas, more suited to direct foliar application, are extracts that have been brewed with microbial food so that the microorganisms are more active and stick to surfaces upon application.


Prices available soon for composts, extracts, and teas*

*Currently training with Dr. Elaine Ingham's Soil Food Web School to make biologically complete inoculants. Certification allows legal use BioComplete™ trademark for compost and liquid amendments made therefrom. Estimated completion date: Fall 2024

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