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Sample Collection for Liquids

Materials required:

  • Clean, not-breakable 4 to 8 oz container(s)

  • Permanent marker to label bottle


1. Pour liquid into a clean, not-breakable 4 to 8 oz container with a sealable opening (e.g. plastic water bottle with screw cap). Clean the inside of the container if you are not certain that the bottle held only water previously.


2. Fill the container 1 ⁄ 3 full of the liquid you want to have assessed. Leave the remainder of the container empty to maximize headspace for air exchange.


3. Once the screw cap is tightly sealed, cover it with duct tape and place it in a sealed

plastic bag.


4. Be sure that the container is clearly labeled with the name of the sample, date, and time on the

*outside* using a permanent marker or an affixed label.

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